Cultured is a UK-based skincare brand that focuses on creating futuristic, simplified skincare routines with biome integrity at their core. Their products address contemporary skin issues by targeting the root causes and encouraging the skin to thrive. Using a minimalist approach with a limited product line, Cultured's formulations are infused with FutureFerments™, an innovative active complex harnessing the power of fermentation to enhance the potency, absorption, and skin microbiome support of key ingredients. Founded by Rob Calcraft, a former co-founder of REN, Cultured draws inspiration from the skin's inherent capacity for self-renewal and regeneration, leading him to investigate the skin microbiome and bioscience.

Only UK residents aged 18 and above are invited to join Cultured's 7 day reset community and answer some questions to receive personalised skincare recommendations from their experts. Selected applicants will be contacted via email. Those chosen will receive a free routine, subject to eligibility.