British shoppers can get their hands on complimentary carrots from Tesco and Morrisons in the lead-up to Christmas. Starting from December 20, Tesco customers will be able to collect free vegetables, followed by Morrisons shoppers who can benefit from the scheme beginning December 22. The offer will run until December 24 in both supermarket chains.

Free carrots will be available in 829 larger Tesco outlets and 496 Morrisons branches. Customers can find them in stands at the entrance of the stores, allowing self-service without any additional purchase necessary.

Families celebrating Christmas usually leave a mince pie and glass of milk for Santa along with carrots for Rudolph and his reindeer. Apart from encouraging holiday traditions, this initiative by supermarkets aims to minimise food waste, according to the Mirror. The free carrots will be accessible in stands at the front of 829 larger Tesco stores and 496 Morrisons branches, with customers able to help themselves without requiring any further purchases.