What FreebieBag made for? My name is Alex, and I'm a freebie enthusiast. I launched FreebieBag to assist many people in their intention to find free samples and stuff that may be delivered by mail.

This site doesn't contain affiliate links and its goal to provide you clean links to freebies. I don't want you to waste your time due to numerous redirects, frauds, and other manipulation. While browsing FreebieBag you can be sure that you will get to the exact page containing a free offer or promising deal.

There is no catch, no hidden fees from my side. However, I can't guarantee that a brand or company, which is responsible for the freebie deal is honest with you. Just keep in mind that I provide you a link only. Nonetheless, since all the links to free samples and stuff were picked manually, they all contain what they promise. But still, most of the free deals are limited in time. So don't blame me if the promotion has ended. That's not my mistake. Most of the free offers live within a day, while the rest exist for two three hours.

Given the data provided above, I suggest you visit FreebieBag regularly if you don't want to miss new free offers. I'll try to update this freebie database every day. Yet, you have to realize that I like you sometimes want to have a rest for a week or two. But don't worry about this, I'll return from the weekends with tons of new freebies.

Another thing I want you to bear in mind is, despite that this domain is co.uk, I publish here free offers appeared in the United States as well. The reason is very simple, the US market is wider, and there are many more free offers in the USA. By the way, a lot of US offers are also suitable for UK residents. That's why I suggest you check them out as well.