Are you ready to change your meal plan? Would you like to eat healthy and vitamin-rich nutrition? Let me introduce abnormal, the world's first personalized, nutritionally complete meal. Such king of food consists of an optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, fat, etc.

In short, Abnormal is a unique nutritional solution offering personalised meals that cater specifically to individual requirements. By completing a questionnaire detailing dietary preferences, health conditions, and lifestyle habits, users receive a trial box of thirty personalised meals tailored through advanced algorithms. These meals can be easily prepared by adding water and shaking, providing convenience and optimal nutrition with a balance of vitamins and minerals, protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates, and additional active ingredients. Subscription-based delivery ensures that meal plans adapt when lifestyle changes occur, enabling users to maintain their personalised eating habits.

Follow the link below and start your free one-week trial. Scroll the page until you see the button titled "Try for free." Tap the button and follow further instructions to receive your free trial by mail.