This competition invites entrants to submit their details for a chance to win delectable Vegan pizzas from the Dr. Oetker range. The Italian-inspired flavours include Pizza Margherita Pomodori and Pizza Pepperoni Salame, both promising an authentic taste of sunny Italy.

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Dr. Oetker Ristorante Vegan pizzas offer authentic Italian taste with a vegan twist. These delicious, plant-based options feature two mouthwatering flavours, Pizza Margherita Pomodori and Pizza Pepperoni Salame, made using high-quality ingredients to replicate the beloved traditional pizzas without animal products.

The Pizza Margherita Pomodori showcases a beautifully balanced blend of ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, and fragrant Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a golden, hand-stretched base, with vegan mozzarella adding a rich and creamy texture.

Meanwhile, the Pizza Pepperoni Salame boasts savoury plant-based pepperoni-style pieces and juicy sun-ripened tomatoes atop a classic tomato sauce base, smothered in melted vegan mozzarella. Both pizzas are conveniently ready to cook from frozen, delivering a restaurant-quality meal at home.