Rigorously testing products before bringing them to market is of paramount importance for Dulux, as it ensures their performance and capabilities meet the highest standards. To further validate these claims, the company invites professional painters and decorators to conduct field trials of its products. This comprehensive testing process, dubbed 'Tested & Approved by Professional Decorators,' encompasses evaluations from both internal and external experts, as well as real-world assessments under various conditions. Notable industry figurehead Desmond Cass, Managing Director of D.Cass & Son, praises the effectiveness of this approach, stating, "It's a true test of the actual product in real-world scenarios." By leveraging the collective expertise of professional decorators, Dulux is able to gather objective, data-driven insights that provide a thorough understanding of its products' capabilities. For those eager to participate in future trials or remain informed about upcoming launches, signing up for email updates is an easy and convenient way to stay connected with the brand. By ticking the box below, you'll be the first to learn about exciting new product releases and get early access to exclusive promotions and discounts. Don't miss out on this opportunity to shape the future of Dulux and play an active role in shaping the industry. Sign up today!