As the 24th of September beckons near, our delectable mince pies are set to grace the shelves once more, and in commemoration of this momentous occasion, we shall dispense 24,000 gratuitous mince pies to a fortunate assemblage of individuals. For those who inquire as to why revelry should be confined to December alone, allow us to proffer an emphatic retort: Why indeed! For what is life without the occasional indulgence in excess? And what better time to indulge than in September, when the anticipation of Christmas has yet to reach a fever pitch? To partake in this bountiful offering, an elite cohort of 1,000 festive enthusiasts will receive a £5 voucher, entitling each individual to redeem up to 24ppp (mince pies per person). To participate in this generous promotion, simple and straightforward steps must be taken: Email with your name and email address. Bon chance, and may the mincest of luck be with thee! In conjunction with this generous offer, we have included the terms and conditions. And we have a direct link to this Facebook promotion.