Mingle is a platform that offers free registration and guaranteed data protection. Users can participate in online surveys or test products at home, earning mingle points as rewards. These points can be redeemed for gift vouchers, bank transfers, or donations. The platform is committed to treating user data as strictly confidential, ensuring that it is always made anonymous and used only for market and social research purposes. Users will not receive any advertising or spam emails. The website uses cookies and trackers to ensure proper functioning and safety, as well as to obtain navigation and traffic statistics to measure performance and offer smooth and optimal navigation.

With Mingle, users have the option to engage in online surveys or trial products in return for mingle points they can later trade in for gift cards, cash transfers, or charitable contributions. Participation is optional and without cost, and user data is kept securely confidential for market and sociological studies exclusively. You won't encounter any unwanted promotional messages or spam email. Follow the link below to participate.